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Who are Lexis Solutions? - 2 min read

Founders short story

Lexis was created in 2017 by four Software Engineers who would later become friends forming a successful and sustainable team.


It all started on a Big Data hackathon, which the founders won. Right afterward, the newly formed dream team conquered two accelerator academies (Junior Achievement, Unistart). Аnd they went from full-time developers to entrepreneurs who did freelance jobs part-time to bootstrap.


A year in the team came to a controversial conclusion. They had outstanding success in developing other people’s ideas while struggling to monetize a machine learning algorithm on the market in Sofia, Bulgaria. Turns out the knowledge and experience accumulated while trying to bring life to their own product led to an understanding of the needs and worries of their clients.

This realization gave birth to a paradigm shift about what Lexis would be and transformed Lexis into Lexis Solutions


Nowadays, Lexis Solutions is a boutique software company highly focused on developing mobile & web applications. With their primary tool – javascript, they’re creating modern apps for international startups and medium-sized companies. They are keeping the high quality of the products with technical expertise and frequent customer feedback.


Their flexible and passionate team is hungry for new challenges, opportunities, and puts in the maximum effort to be your dream technology partner.