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Social Platform Built on React & Node.js - 2 min read

Meet.Direct is a social platform that connects businesses and people. It provides a new, statistics-rich, channel for businesses and discounts for private users.

Platform functionalities


The platform had to provide users with the choice to either register as a business or a person. It also lets them benefit from exclusive functionalities like:

  • suggestion algorithm for coupon recommendation
  • a search algorithm based on businesses locations
  • chat between private users & business owners
  • searching for & downloading business coupons which offer discounts and free items
  • creating business coupons with a QR code generator
  • payment integrations with several PSPs for premium & platinum businesses

As with every other startup, the project underwent a gradual process of maturation. It ended up requiring additional features such as abundant statistics for business owners, events, management of future user locations, radio, etc.


Architecture overview


A high-performing API validates and serves all the needed data. While the front-end app renders it in an eye-pleasing manner.

Both the apps and the database are located in the cloud. The client is already benefitting from it by scaling seamlessly.

Keeping the future in mind

Abstracting out business logic – as much as possible as soon as possible – allowed us to prepare for the time when the client would request a mobile version of And such a request came promptly.

By choosing the proper tech-stack, we swiftly managed to implement, deploy, and place the iOS and Android versions on both app stores. We ought to thank React Native for making this task feasible in such a short period.

It is essential to mention that the client already had an iOS-native prototype app written in Swift, which had taken more time to implement than the full-featured OS-agnostic app we wrote. This is an intentional after-effect of using a single programming language – Javascript, everywhere:

  • Front-end web: React.js
  • Front-end Mobile: React Native
  • Back-end: Node.js & Express.js